The best characters in literature and film become real to the reader. They not only take on a life of their own but they enhance the color and depth of their co-characters, creating a rich tapestry of storylines.

ShrinkWrite’s Dr. Julia Stroud is a retired psychologist who consults with fiction writers to ensure realistic, psychology-based character development. Julia applies her thirty-five years’ experience as a therapist to the figments of your imagination and the creatures of your wildest dreams. She helps you create:

  • Characters who are compelling, complex and ring true
  • Villains who are plausible and chilling
  • Actions, interactions, and motivations that are accurate, authentic and believable

Applying her knowledge of human nature, she enables you to:

  • Enhance your storyline with depth and believability
  • Untangle snags caused by faulty psychological reasoning
  • Develop provocative character arcs

From initial character study to line-by-line story editing, Julia is your Character Psychologist. Depending upon where you are in your project, she will lead you through some or all of the following steps: